Although modern hair treatments can do wonders for changing the color, texture and overall appearance of your hair, some of these processes can cause damage. Even those who don’t color or perm their hair are subject to damage from other sources. However, if you take a little bit of time to implement smart hair-protecting measures, you will be able to keep your locks looking great!

For Coloring Go TO Professionals

First of all, if you want to color you hair, go to a professional stylist. The same is especially true if you intend to lighten your hair, because that process can create even more damage if left on too long.

Many women do not realize how much damage they do to their hair every day when styling it. Whether you have opted for an hombre look or are rocking your natural color, hair dryers, flattening irons and other styling aids can damage the hair shaft.

Avoid Using Other Products On Hair

Likewise, the gels, sprays and other products that are applied to shape hair can further damage it. Combined, these daily hair routines can wreak havoc on the health of your hair. However, there are some simple tricks to minimize the damage that is done.

Towel dry your hair and use the hair dryer minimally. Stick to a medium setting and stop before all of the moisture is removed from your hair. Additionally, you should look for styling products that don’t contain any alcohol. The alcohol can dry your hair, making it more subject to breakage.

Give Your hair A Break

On the weekends and when you have laid-back plans, give your hair a break. Avoid styling products of any sort. On Sunday evening, or whatever day is before your work week starts, use a deep conditioning mask that will help to protect your hair through the styling demands of the upcoming week.

A lot of people don’t realize just how much damage the weather can do to your scalp and hair. For instance, excessive wind can dry both out, making it more difficult to style and subject to unnecessary breakages. However, you can minimize the impact by wearing protective headgear while outdoors during the windy season.

On the other hand, bright sunny days can pose dangers to your hair as well. Wear a hat, particularly during the hottest part of the day, to protect your hair and scalp. In fact, most weather conditions call for some additional protection to keep your hair soft and shiny.

Be gentle with your hair. While this should be obvious, many women yank their brushes through tangles rather than gently working them out from the bottom. Aggressive brushing and styling can cause breakage. Learn how to treat your hair gently so that you can avoid creating undue damage to your hair.

Breaking hair can ruin a beautiful hairstyle and leave you crying in the mirror. However, you can start taking care of your hair right now by using best haircare products to reduce the chances of experiencing excessive breakage. There will never be a better time than right now to begin down the path of healthier hair!