Women spend a lot of time getting their hair straightened. Personally, I think that ladies look great with either curly or straight hair. In fact, guys look OK with curly hair too. The only problem is that the look of a curly beard isn’t appealing to everybody. In fact, it often looks messy even when it is maintained well. If you’re a curly-headed dude who would rather have a straight beard, learn how to straighten your beard.

How To Straighten Your Beard

This tips can help you groom your beard to keep it both straight and really soft:

1. Wash your beard with beard shampoo.
2. Rinse out the shampoo well.
3. After you have finished rinsing your beard, you should dry it with a towel, so it’s just damp but not dripping water.

Now you can take a blow dryer, a beard comb, and a beard product. You might have your favorite product, but many guys have a lot of luck with either beard oil or special heat-protection sprays. Either of these two products will help you control and tame your beard and protect if from heat damage.

Straighten Your Beard

Simply apply your favorite skin care products and beard care products . Then set the hair dryer to low. Run sections of your beard through your beard comb while you are blow drying them. In a very short time, you should enjoy a soft, set, and straight beard.

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Suggestions For Beard Products

If you have a curly beard, consider using these products to help you keep your beard under control:

* Beard shampoo: This is a different product than the one that you may by to shampoo your head.
* Beard oil: When you select beard oil, you should look for natural products that don’t come with scents.
* Beard combs: You’ll be happier if you invest in a high-quality beard comb. Otherwise, you risk having the comb break in your beard or damage it.

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

wash beard

Most beard experts don’t suggest washing your beard every day. They say that once or twice a week should be plenty to keep it clean for most men, and if you wash it to often, you risk drying it out. Obviously, if your job or other activities mean you get dirty more often, you will probably want to adjust your washing schedule. Nobody likes a dirty beard.

You can use beard oil or protective products on your beard every day. You can also buy dry beard shampoos that you might use to keep your beard tidy and sweet-smelling between washes.

Should You Use A Straightening Iron?

beard Straightening Iron

Of course, women often use straightening irons, but these are made for the hair on the head. With a beard, there’s a risk of drying out thinner hair. There’s even a bigger risk of burning your face. For that reason, straightening irons aren’t suggested for facial hair. It’s safer to simply use your beard product and a blow dryer that’s been set on low.