You need a new roof on your home, and you are trying to estimate the materials required and the cost. Let’s say that you have a 3,000 square foot home. You might think you can take that number and run with it, but you can’t. A roof isn’t going to be the same amount of square feet as your home. So how do you figure out how much roofing materials you need and determine the cost of your new roof?

Figuring Out The Area Of Each Plane

It is actually quite easy, but you do have to be up on the roof to get the numbers for the math. Looking at your roof, each part of it is divided into planes. You want to figure out the area of each plane and add those numbers together to get the total area. How do you get the area? Remember all you do is measure the length and width of a plane and multiply them.

Once you have figured out the area of each plane, you just add them together as mentioned. Then you will have the total area of your roof, and you can start figuring out the cost of the materials. Materials are in squares, and those squares cover 100 square feet. So to determine the amount of squares you would need to buy, you take the total area of the roof you just calculated and divide it by 100.

Calculate The Area For Your Roof

That will tell you how many squares you need. There are of course different types of materials. Have you decided on the type of roof you want? My sister and her partner just put a new metal roof on their home, and metal roofs are certainly quite popular. Maybe you are thinking about a metal roof, or perhaps you are going to go with a traditional shingle roof. There are all kinds of different materials, and you just need to know which one you want to go with and how much it costs per square.

Remember that a square is 100 square feet. Let’s say that you came up with an area for your roof of 4000 square feet. You have divided that number by 100 to get 40. You need 40 squares, and after finding out that each shingle square you want is $100, you realize that your new roof is going to cost $4000. Don’t expect the actual math to be quite that easy and default to the original number, but you get the point. To know more visit the website at